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Zhuhai Power Spring Inc. was awarded “Excellent Supplier Award”by TRW Automotive Safety Technologies (Zhang Jia Gang) Co., Ltd.
Author:鸿圣金属 Published:2019/07/08 15:17:34 Source:

OnMar. 7th, 2019, TRW Automotive Safety Technologies (Zhang Jia Gang)Co., Ltd. (below abbreviate “TRW”) awarded “Excellent Supplier Award”to ZhuhaiPower Spring Inc. (below abbreviate “POWER SPRING”) for our company excellentperformance over the years, on TRW Annual Awards Ceremony in Zhangjiagang,China.

Sincecooperating with TPW, POWER SPRING has maintained good cooperative relationshipwith TRW. Now in the field  of auto parts, POWER SPRING has taken the lead inthe world with excellent manufacturing technology of seat belt  springs. The"Excellent Supplier Award" is the recognition of POWER SPRING’sefforts to continuously innovate and improving of competitiveness and productivity on the premise of customer satisfaction.

POWERSPRING is regarded as the best supplier of seat belt spring components by TRW.On Mar. 7th, 2019, POWER  SPRING won the "Excellent Supplier AwardCup" awarded by TRW Company.

For allemployees of POWER SPRING, we believe that customer satisfaction isparticularly important. Every day we strive to develop our performanceappraisal culture. We are committed to meeting customer needs, and in theshortest possible time to provide innovative solutions. It is this commitmentthat enables us to win the prize today. We hope that in the future we canmaintain and continuously enhance the advantages of POWER SPRING, in order tofurther consolidate and strengthen the cooperation with TRW.